If you want to adopt a multilingual approach to programming and start leveraging the power of open-source data analysis, Atorus is here to guide you on your journey. Atorus’ analytics engineering team includes experts with decades of clinical analytics expertise, who will collaborate with you to install, validate, and administrate an industry-compliant statistical computing environment (SCE) equipped with the statistical analysis workflow, reproducibility, and traceability required in this highly regulated space. 

A multilingual approach is key to helping your team become more dynamic and flexible — more adaptable to the needs of a rapidly changing world. Whether you’re writing in R, Python, or SAS®, Atorus can equip you with the right tools and applications to deliver high-quality and compliant code.

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Posit Teams Products


As a full-service partner of Posit (formerly RStudio), Atorus is your life science partner of choice. If you’ve been wondering how to seamlessly and effectively integrate RStudio software and RStudio statistical computing into your team’s workflow, allow us to introduce you to what is now a full Posit suite of products that take R to the next level while making things simpler than ever for your organization.

posit workbench

Posit Workbench

Reaching enterprise scale requires enterprise-quality products, and Posit Server Pro gives you exactly that for your analytical environment. Posit Server Pro is much more than just the Posit integrated development environment (IDE) — it is the tool you need to deploy R to a production-ready environment. Load balance your installation to handle huge workloads, parallel processing, and large numbers of users. Posit Server Pro is just what you need to scale R across your organization. 

posit connect

Posit Connect

R Shiny and R Markdown from Posit (formerly RStudio) give developers and analysts the tools they need to create incredible reports to share their insights, but getting those insights into the hands of stakeholders can still be a challenge. Not with Posit Connect. With the click of a button, R Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, and Jupyter notebooks can be deployed. Reports can even be scheduled and delivered via email! Posit Connect lets analysts access their audience like never before and helps you get the most out of R, Python, and more. 

posit package manager

Posit Package Manager

Scaling R out to an enterprise means taking control, and while the vast array of third-party packages available to R is its power, variety and lack of central control are also its curse. Posit Package Manager gives organizations the power to curate and control their own package repositories. With this technology, you can maintain your own internal archive of all R packages, and best of all, preserve these snapshots over time so users always have access to the exact versions of all packages at the time their analysis was conducted—whether former RStudio software and RStudio online packages or the latest packages from Posit. 

SAS logo

SAS® Systems

As a SAS® silver partner, Atorus is a trusted resource.

SAS® is an analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their clinical data. Through innovative software and services, SAS® empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. If you’re in need of a SAS® environment to support your statistical programming activities, Atorus has you covered. With certified SAS® installation specialists on hand, we can build the right-fit system to serve your needs.  

Out-of-the-Box Tooling

Building an SCE is one thing — operating it effectively is another. A clinical analytics process should run like a well-oiled machine, and even the most powerful and efficient machines require the right set of tools to make them work properly. Atorus can equip you with the operational tooling necessary to handle your directory structures, access control, version control, and more. We’ll make sure that whether you’re writing and analyzing data in R or SAS®, you have the right model, tools, and process to do so. 

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