Open-Source That Does

Tools That Empower.
Data That Delivers.

Getting the critical insights you need from your clinical data more quickly and easily requires an innovative approach in analytics software. Proprietary statistical computing environments are rigid, limited in function, and have a level of complexity that slows results. For tools that empower you to extract deeper insights from your data, choose the open-source analytics solution from Atorus Research. 

Atorus Delivers With Analytics Engineering Expertise 

Atorus engineered an ecosystem that enables customers to leverage the power of open-source to work with their data more effectively. Our platform enables a multilingual approach, so analysis is easier, more approachable, and reproducible, allowing for faster visualizations and more freedom to unlock the value of your data. With end-to-end white-glove services including installation, training, development, and consulting, we tailor our platform specifically to your needs and position you for success. 

From statistical programming specialists and data scientists looking to work with exciting and innovative technology to IT directors wanting a more cost-effective and flexible platform, our statistical computing environment delivers exactly what stakeholders need from it. As more of the life sciences community embraces the benefits of open-source, only one company has the people, process, and technology to enable more confident decisions that influence the health and well-being of patients everywhere. 

For the tools that empower the data that delivers, choose the open-source solution that does.