In industries as highly regulated as biopharmaceuticals, the ability to perfectly replicate your working environments is paramount. How do you build a validated environment that is truly reproducible? Even if you have the right R packages, how do you identify and incorporate the right installation qualifications (IQs) and operational qualifications (OQs) to guarantee long-term stability? 

This data science hangout, hosted by Posit, brings together Satish J. Murthy, Senior Manager of R&D at Janssen, Atorus’ Chief Innovation Officer, Mike Stackhouse, and others from the data science community. Hear from Satish about the benefits of actionable validation reports and a fully contained, iterative build process. In partnering with Atorus, Janssen created a resilient and dynamic data pipeline fitted for the future. 

Atorus is a trusted leader in R programming in the life sciences industry. 

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