Atorus will be showcasing their latest insights into R programming and beyond through a series of presentations at PHUSE US Connect 2023. Each presentation promises a targeted exploration of capabilities that can empower your clinical data. 
Sessions include: 

  • Tidytlg: An R Package for Clinical Reporting Using Tidyverse, presented by Eli Miller 
    • Tidytlg provides a framework of creating tables, listings, and graphs for clinical study reports. See working examples of how Tidytlg provides more options for analysis, then discover how to convert those analytics into RTF< HTML, or graphic outputs. 
    • Monday, March 6 (Oceans 12) 
      4:00-4:30 p.m. EST 
  • How to Help Your Direct Reports Develop New Programming Skills, presented by Jessica Higgins 
    • Programmers are looking to grow, but the needs of their department may not allow for extra educational opportunities. Hear how you can leverage “useful educational projects” to allow for purposeful training without disrupting the workflow or neglecting the quality of the work being produced. 
    • Monday, March 6 (Oceans 10) 
      4:30-5:00 p.m. EST 
  • Using R for Automatically Managing Clinical Trial Data Issues, presented by Jessica Higgins and Jessica Reidy 
    • Tracking data issues is crucial for clinical studies, and managing those issues is an ongoing process. Hear more about the automated data validation tools and techniques in R that can help with tracking and flagging these issues, such as at-the-ready markdown reports and in-depth activity logs.  
    • Monday, March 6 (Oceans 9) 
      4:30-5:00 p.m. EST 
  • Extending Your Rprofile With {envsetup} & {renv}, presented by Mike Stackhouse 
    • What if your programming environment were just ready, absent any worries over paths or packages? This talk provides working overviews and effective demos for .Rprofile, envsetup, and renv with an emphasis on their ability to create traceable, reproducible workflows at no cost. Discover how experts and beginners alike can jump straight into their meaningful work using R. 
    • Monday, March 6 (Oceans 12) 
      4:30-5:00 p.m. EST 
  • Using renv and Posit Package Manager for Clinical Reproducibility, presented by Mike Stackhouse 
    • Reproducibility is paramount to clinical success, yet it can be a challenge in open-source environments for those without the right guidance. Take a closer look at the “best practices” for achieving clinical reproducibility with R and hear how IT can help you leverage R capabilities across the workspace. 
    • Wednesday, March 8 (Oceans 12) 
      9:00-9:30 a.m. EST 

If you’re attending PHUSE 2023, stop by Booth #2 to connect! 

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