Atorus’ Chief Innovation Officer Mike Stackhouse sat down with Michael Rimler, PHUSE open-source technologies director, for an interview on the topic of open-source technologies in clinical data analytics as part of the 2023 PHUSE video series. Watch to gain insights on: 

  • How automation using open-source languages can eliminate redundancies and improve timelines 
  • Tools and applications like machine learning, natural language processing, and data visualization 
  • Creating efficiencies for clinical trial data 
  • Using R in a clinical setting 
  • The potential of Julia language for clinical data 
  • Program language effectiveness with complex iterative models 
  • Data visualization best practices 
  • End-to-end open-source collaboration guidance 
  • The “why” for open-source and its true value for use with clinical analytics 
  • Open-source statistical computing environments 
  • Multilingual approaches 
  • Predictions on the next 2-3 years of clinical data analytics 

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