The Atorus team had a great time at PharmaSUG 2023 in San Francisco. Mike, Ashley, Danielle, Alyssa, and Rebekah all attended — and each participated in presentations, as well. Here’s a snapshot of what our experts brought forward this year. 

Evolving Analytics: The Technological Migration of Biometrics 

This was Mike Stackhouse’s presentation. He looked at how: 

  • Change doesn’t come easily in our highly regulated industry 
  • Biometric service technology is evolving and migrations are underway 
  • Our individual roles and procedures are evolving as well 
  • When it comes to clinical trial data management, “the promise of today might be the process of tomorrow” 

Making Multilingual Programmers: A Targeted Approach to R for Clinical Trials Training 

This was the presentation that Ashley Tarasiewicz led, alongside Jagan Achi from Jazz Pharmaceuticals. They discussed: 

  • The gap between the wealth of open-source training but lack of clinical trial workflow specific training 
  • Companies are starting to realize the benefits of having a multilingual programming team 
  • Multilingual programmers can tap into the best parts of each programming language in order to maximize process efficiencies 
  • Challenges and wins in finding the right training content, format, and candidates for clinical use R programming education 
  • Examples of successful strategies 

Real Projects, Real Transition, Really Revolutionary: Transitioning to R for Biometrics Work 

Danielle Stephenson, Alyssa Wittle, and Rebekah Oster presented on this topic at this year’s PharmaSUG. Here are some high-level takeaways from what they shared: 

  • The challenges and benefits of adopting new technology amidst the need for keeping existing workflows on schedule 
  • The time to consider, examine, and understand open-source adoption for clinical environments is now 
  • Ups and downs of the transition from SAS to R — including quality assurance 
  • Softening the learning curve 
  • Q&A on creation of TFLs and CDISC-compliant datasets using R 
  • What it looks like in real time to be able to tap into a multilingual programming team 

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