Atorus is pleased to announce PHUSE US Connect 2021, a conference focused on emerging trends in clinical trial reporting, data science, and regulatory submissions. Atorus team members will be leading and presenting in several sessions.

Atorus Chief Innovation Officer Michael Stackhouse will serve as the Emerging Trends and Technology Live Week theme chair and will also co-chair the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence stream. The latter is focused on introducing the community to AI and ML topics while exploring how they drive better outcomes for patients via more efficient clinical drug development.

Michael will also host a hands-on workshop June 17 with Atorus’ Eli Miller and Nathan Kosiba plus RStudio’s Phil Bowsher. They’ll introduce the R programming language and the tidyverse to statistical programmers using familiar clinical examples.

Additional presentations include:

  • You Are the Company You Keep: Converting Words to Numbers Using Text Embeddings, presented by Atorus’ Michael Stackhouse. The goal of this presentation is for the audience to walk away with a basic understanding of what text embeddings are, how they are created, and why they are useful in the field of machine learning and AI.
    • Friday, June 18 (ML08)
    • 9:00-9:30 a.m. EST
  • Containers You Can Count On: A Framework for Qualifying Community Container Images, presented by Atorus’ Eli Miller, in conjunction with Roche’s Doug Kelkhoff. The initiative will first focus on qualifying well-known R images but will expand to Python, Julia, and any other available open-source languages as resources become available.
    • On-demand presentation (TT05)
  • Open-Source Development for Traditional Clinical Reporting, presented by Atorus’ Michael Stackhouse and Nathan Kosiba. Using package development between Atorus and GSK, as well as other examples, this presentation will discuss how collective open-source development within pharma can benefit both individual organizations and the industry.
    • On-demand presentation (TT08)
  • R + JavaScript = Amazing Applications, presented by Atorus’ Maya Gans. This presentation will show how to wrap existing JavaScript APIs in R, avoiding the laborious process of creating an existing library from scratch.
    • On-demand presentation (TT06)

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