Watch Atorus CEO, Mark Penniston, and Informatics Information Developer, Maya Gans, discuss the building of open-source applications for community use with a demonstration of its main characteristics at the PHUSE Americas Summer SDE:

  • Emerging Technologies and Clinical Data Engineering
  • August 12 from 10:45-11:15 am EDT
  • Registration is free, register now

Abstract: Standard output for SASĀ® project programming are static files, forcing manual review to cross-reference population subset tables and listings together. This generally results in a large number of subset, or repeat, tables to be included as reference in the resulting CSR.

Tplyr, an open-source R package, has already demonstrated the ability to replicate SASĀ® ICH-compliant output to generate tables and listings. It was validated using the test data factory ADaM files from PHUSE, and is currently used in project programming.

When Tplyr is combined with Shiny, an interactive subset of tables can be generated and reviewed dynamically, resulting in dynamic table and code generation. This reduces the number of subset production tables and brings focused data science review for a protocol analysis.

This discussion will describe the building of such an open-source application for community use, with a demonstration of its main characteristics.

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