It’s been about 2 months since we initially released Tplyr out to CRAN, and in the time since then we’ve collected some feedback, and continued to our deep dive of trying to make sure that Tplyr is the best package it can be. With this release, we move from the 0.1 version number to 0.2 because we’ve modified some function APIs, as well as introduced new functions that make Tplyr a better, more effective package for developing clinical safety summaries.  

Our work in this release specifically focused on missing counts, total counts, and denominators. All of these are quite interconnected, and we realized that the interfaces we provided weren’t quite intuitive enough and needed some functionality enhancements. The most significant updates revolve around the handling of denominators, because you know – they’re always super simple, right? Not really. Frequency tables can be presented several ways, which gives us many scenarios of how counts and percentages may be calculated and presented. We’ve cleaned up several functions so that they feel more intuitive, and the communication between them is much clearer. Furthermore, we now allow you to customize the filter on your data specifically for your denominator calculations. This gives the user much more flexibility in what percentages represent, particularly when a table is displaying more complex relationships between layers. 

With all of these changes, we also did a much-needed documentation overhaul. We broke apart some vignettes into smaller pieces and added more content to explain new functionality. Take a look through our package website here. For a tour of the newest enhancements within Version 0.2.2, you can review the Totals, Missing, and Denominators article right here

Have a question? Find an issue? Want to see some new functionality? We’re always listening. Drop us any request on GitHub right here by submitting an issue.  

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