Automate the Mundane

We deliver pragmatic approaches that unlock the “sweet spot” of automation, to offer you the flexibility you need, without the hassle.

Open Source

The data science landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Cloud-based technology has opened a new era of data analysis and consumption, along with the rapid advancement of open source programming languages. We bring experts on the forefronts of these movements together that actively engage in community discussions facilitated by their expertise regarding the risks and rewards.

A New Era of Data Consumption

We do things differently. Through technology, we bring forward e-solutions to your trial’s most challenging questions, providing you with the answers you need at your fingertips, quickly.

Our Solutions

Our Open Source Tools


Leverage powerful R table packages to create industry standard format RTF files. Control document properties, repeat column headers across packages, include multilevel titles and footnotes — and more — to create ICH-compliant formatted outputs using pharmaRTF. CRAN approved.

Read more about pharmaRTF on GitHub.


The Grammar of Clinical Data Summary

Tplyr is a package dedicated to simplifying the data manipulation necessary to create static clinical reports for the pharmaceutical industry. Paramount to our efforts were ease of use and flexibility, allowing it to be the package of choice for formatting statistical output. CRAN approved.

Read more about Tplyr on GitHub.